Safety First

Very recently, I noticed a firefighter at our local station trimming the weeds at the firehouse. He was quite proficient with that weed whacker and there was, er, stuff flying everywhere — I could see it all around him and his head. But what really struck me were the flip flops and not even a sunglass lens to protect his eyes on that sunny day. What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s a guy whose job it is to provide for the safety of the community, ignoring basic safety precautions when it comes to himself. I don’t mean to overdramatize, but any of those flying particles could have found its way into his eye.

It’s easy for anyone to just let it slide and I’m not immune by any means. Maybe it’s just a quick job, maybe the weather conditions make it unpleasant, or maybe you just forget occasionally. In our business, though, there’s too much at stake. We work with giant power tools, electricity, and tall equipment. Lots of things can happen, in the blink of an eye.

Never lose sight of the safety precautions that keep you in business and alive. You’re too important for that.

One thought on “Safety First

  1. Unfortunately Mark, you can’t fix stupid!!! I wear steel toes boots, heavy denim jeans, long sleeve shirt over a tee shirt, and a full brim hard hat whether I’m running my well service rig or my kubota diesel lawn mower. Some of my customers even require that I wear bright safety vest and retroreflective marking tape on MY hard hat when I am on their property performing my service work for them. The sad the is the customers taking on the work themselves without the proper safety gear or basic equipment I know have have to use to safely check motors and control boxes. I routinely tell my customers, “If you are uncomfortable about checking something, turn off the power and wait for me to get there to check it.”

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