Only as good as you are

2011 is far from over, but when it is, it looks as if Franklin Electric will have held about 132 training events for over 5,100 contractors. That’s about two and a half events per week on average. Those 132 events include training at our facilities in Oklahoma, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada, along with seminars at conventions, at our customers’ facilities, and “on the road” with our Mobile Training Facility.

All of these events consume time and money. There’s travel involved, preparation on the part of the presenter, handouts, and so forth. So, why the committment by Franklin Electric to so many seminars?

Here’s the answer: because we are only as good as you are. Assume for a moment that everyone in our industry made a perfect product every single time. Perfectly designed, and never a defect. Even if that were the case, it would be worthless without a professional contractor to install it. Especially in the water systems industry, perfect products can be mis-applied. Maybe it’s the wrong product for the installation, maybe a motor isn’t receiving proper cooling, maybe a pressure tank is undersized thereby creating short-cycling. The result is exactly the same as if the contractor had installed a defective product: FAILURE. And, when this happens, the homeowner or end-user doesn’t know, and most likely doesn’t care, why the product failed. His or her perception of the contractor, Franklin Electric, and our industry isn’t a good one, and it reflects on all of us.

So everything that we can do to make you, the contractor, as well-trained and professional as possible is a good investment for all of us. We’re only as good as you are.

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