Showing and telling


Talk to any contractor who installs variable speed,  constant pressure systems and he will tell you what his homeowner customers tell him: “The difference between their conventional, cycling system and their new constant pressure system is amazing; they didn’t know what they were missing and they are never going back to a conventional system again.”

But, here’s the challenge. For the homeowner to say that, he has to experience it on his own, in his own home. That means that just telling a homeowner about it won’t always sell the system. The automotive industry has known this for a hundred years. Half the sale is getting the customer behind the wheel. No amount of glossy brochures, websites, or other media is going to close the deal until the customer drives and experiences the vehicle for himself.

Here’s the good news. Your customers can test drive Franklin Electric constant pressure systems with a minimum amount of effort on your part. For a couple of years now, we’ve had the MonoDrive Test Kit. It works with an existing 3-wire system. Just replace the lid of the existing QD control box with the test box, add the MonoDrive controller, and replace the existing standard pressure switch with the SubDrive pressure sensor. In the case of an existing 2-wire installation, it’s even easier. It either case, it literally takes just a few minutes and you’re done. The homeowner can now experience variable speed, constant water pressure for himself. You have effectively given a constant pressure test drive.

Of course, like any test drive, you’re doing this at no cost, no obligation. You simply tell the homeowner that you’ll be back in a week to see what he thinks. When the week is up, you can switch it back to the conventional system or make the constant pressure  installation permanent. I had a very successful contractor tell me that he’s only had a single case where the homeowner asked him switch it back.

You should also think about what you haven’t done. You haven’t pulled the pump, you haven’t been outside at the wellhead, and you haven’t come across as if you were trying to talk anyone into something. You’ve let the product sell itself and the homeowner make the decision.

Showing is always better than telling.

2 thoughts on “Showing and telling

  1. Question from Franklin Electric’s Facebook page:
    Michael J Plautz
    What hp motors does this run? Or is there a different controller for every size pump?

    Different models for different horsepowers.
    MonoDrive is for Franklin 3-wire, 230-volt, single-phase motors, ½, ¾ and 1 Hp.
    MonoDrive XT is for Franklin 3-wire, 230-volt, single-phase motors, 1 ½ and 2 Hp.
    SubDrive 2W is for Franklin 2-wire, 230-volt, single-phase motors ½, ¾ and 1 Hp.
    SubDrive 75, 100, 150 and 300 are for Franklin 230-volt, three-phase motors 1 ½ Hp, 2 Hp, 3 Hp and 5 Hp respectively.

    This and other Hotline FAQ’s can be found at:

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