Armed and dangerous

Competition has never been tougher, in this industry or any other. A struggling economy tends to quickly separate the good from the bad, the experts from the posers, the leaders from the followers. Unless you actively distinguish yourself from the next guy–and live up to your promises–you could easily find yourself outside the fray. These days, you have to earn your spot on the squad.

That’s why it is so important to take advantage of every resource available that can improve your game.

Thankfully, those resources abound, especially in the electronic world. Manufacturers, including Franklin, offer a wealth of product information online and in hard copy. Find out what’s new and understand how to apply it in traditional and non-traditional ways to solve problems for your customers. Training seminars practically fall out of the sky; state, regional, and national associations offer sessions at every meeting. Distributors provide training opportunities at their open houses and at scheduled events throughout the year. Manufacturers, too. Local chambers of commerce provide business insights and networking opportunities in a variety of formats from structured events to mixers to one-on-one consulting. Online forums and blogs allow you to see who is talking about what, both on the supply side and the consumer side. You can easily identify problems and solutions that might be relevant to your area, simply by staying abreast of the world around you.

The key, of course, is to find resources you trust. Besides this blog, which focuses on the business side of things, Franklin offers a wealth of opportunities designed to give you a leg up and make you better at what you do.

  • Franklin AID, now delivered exclusively online at, provides technical tips, product information, and FAQs to help make you an expert in your field.
  • Franklin’s AIM (Application-Installation-Maintenance) Manual and other technical documents are available 24/7 at our online Information Library.
  • For those who prefer hard copies, product support material can be ordered online and delivered to your mailbox simply by clicking here.
  • Our rolling Mobile Training Facility takes product display and training on the road to provide as many hands-on opportunities as possible.
  • We facilitate scores of training events each year at trade shows, association meetings, distributor open houses, our FranklinTECH campuses, and local venues across the country.
  • Our Technical Service Hotline sits at the ready to take your questions, providing troubleshooting assistance, advice, and information via telephone or email.

Regardless of which resources you utilize, utilize something. Pay attention. Make yourself an expert. Use everything you possibly can to set yourself apart in a positive way from your competition.

Knowledge is power. Make sure you’re armed and dangerous.

Note: Tammy Davis, Director of Corporate Communications at Franklin Electric, provided this week’s post as a guest blogger.

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