Training without asking for your credit card

I was recently perusing the website of a company that competes with us on certain products. I was especially interested in what this company had to offer in terms of product training classes. It turns out that they have an extensive list of training options, and it’s all laid out nicely in terms of class content, directions to their training location, and class dates. But what really caught my eye was the “TUITION” section. A half-day class at their facility is $150 per participant and it goes up from there for longer classes. To make it “convenient”, there’s a form on the website for you to provide your credit card information. That doesn’t include lodging or transportation; you’re on your own there, although they do offer a list of nearby hotels and rental car companies that serve their airport. The above is for training at their facility. If you need someone to come provide product training in the field, that fee schedule starts at $3000 for 1 day.

I don’t get it … If I’m a distributor or a contractor or an installer, and you want me to buy and install and recommend your products, training and support should be part of the package. Don’t ask me to hand you my credit card to go learn about your products.

Franklin Electric provides more training at more locations and more venues than anyone else in the industry. All at no charge. For example, let’s say you attend a session at the FranklinTECH Training Center in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Get yourself to the Tulsa airport and we will take it from there. Your transportation to the facility, your lodging, your meals, and of course, all the training and material that go with it are at no charge to you. Are there expenses associated with this for Franklin Electric? Of course. But, there’re not costs, but investments in you, the contractor. Those investments provide returns in the form in your increased job knowledge, product expertise and professionalism. Most importantly, we’re confident you’ll walk out of any Franklin Electric session saying, “that was time well spent”. That is, it’s good investment for you too.

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