Sixty-six pages

At Franklin Electric, our Water Systems Hotline Engineers sometimes quip that “we get paid for reading the Franklin Electric AIM Manual over the telephone.” I’ve substituted on the Hotline and trust me, it’s not quite that easy. But, they have a point. A high percentage of the problems and questions we encounter on Franklin Electric’s Water Systems Hotline are ultimately answered by information that was right there in the AIM Manual all along. No other document in the water systems industry covers so much in so few pages.

AIM stands for Application, Installation, and Maintenance, and the AIM Manual has been around for decades. It gets updated on a regular basis and a new edition printed once every one to two years. Of course, it can be found online as well at:

It took me a couple of years to notice this, but the AIM Manual is laid out in a logical order. That is, it generally matches up with the sequence of an installation. For example, near the very front are guidelines for storage of a submersible motor. It then moves on to such design parameters as transformer requirements, frequency of starts, and drop cable sizing. From there, motor specifications get covered and later on, troubleshooting.

The AIM Manual doesn’t cover everything. For example, there’s little information concerning pumps and only limited information on how to troubleshoot a SubDrive installation. This leads to a continuing debate over how much content should go in it. On one side, the argument can be made that the AIM Manual should cover all Franklin Electric water systems products. That could be done, but the result would be so thick and heavy as to become a reference manual that would just sit on a shelf somewhere. So, we try to strike a balance of having just the right amount of information without having too much.

Finally, don’t misunderstand. We encourage you to call the Hotline (800/348-2420) whenever you have a question. Maybe you’re even fairly sure you know the answer and just need to run it by someone. No problem. That’s what we do. But, don’t be surprised if somewhere in the troubleshooting discussion a page right out of the AIM Manual gets referenced.  In hard copy or online, it remains one of the most valuable tools out there.

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