Our Key Factors are your Key Factors

If you’ve been to a Franklin seminar, to a Franklin facility, or just around Franklin people, you’ve no doubt seen or heard about our Five Key Factors for Success: QUALITY, AVAILABILITY, SERVICE, INNOVATION, and VALUE.

Consider those five factors in the context of your business. My guess is, even if you haven’t thought about them in exactly those terms, they are the very factors that drive your business as well.  

Take the first, QUALITY. It’s number one for a reason. There is nothing more important to a submersible installation than quality. An early failure, regardless of the cause, is devastating to the end user’s confidence in you and their water system.

But even perfect quality is useless if it’s not available. At Franklin Electric, we think of AVAILABILITY in terms of having product when and where you need it. Likewise, you are also in the business of availability, making water available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

As a water systems contractor, availability is closely tied to Franklin’s third Key Factor for Success, SERVICE. Delivering water is a service business. When someone is out of water, they need it back now. If you’re not available to do that, they will stay on the phone until they find someone who will service them.

As a water systems contractor, many of your customers demand INNOVATION in the products that go into their home. As an example, variable speed, constant pressure products can offer your customers innovations unheard of just a few years ago.

Finally, VALUE. Some might call this price, but value is more accurate. You have to wrap it all up into a package that delivers the greatest value to your customer for their investment in their water system.

QUALITY, AVAILABILITY, SERVICE, INNOVATION, and SERVICE. Those Key Factors have served Franklin Electric very well for decades. You may never have written those words down, but I bet you’ve been thinking the same way we have all along.

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