Franklin Electric’s Key Factors: It’s a package

Last week, I wrote about how Franklin Electric’s Five Key Factors for Success probably match right up with what makes your business a success. In order, there are: QUALITY, AVAILABILITY, SERVICE, INNOVATION, and VALUE.

This week, I want to expand your definition of each of those just a bit. For example, take QUALITY. Most people think strictly in terms of product when they hear the term quality. Without a doubt, product quality is absolutely critical to our success and yours. However, at Franklin Electric, quality goes far beyond the product and extends into every interaction you have with the company. It includes the quality of expertise you get when you call the Hotline. It includes the content and presentation of our seminars. It even includes the lunch we serve at FranklinTECH.

AVAILABILITY doesn’t just mean having product when and where you need it. It means having people available for you to talk to at trade shows. It means having a Hotline available to you. And, it means having a Mobile Training Facility to make training available in the field.

When it comes to Franklin Electric and SERVICE, most people probably think of our team of Field Service Engineers. But, that’s only part of it. Service happens when a homeowner calls us for assistance and we refer him to a Key Dealer on our website. It happens when someone from Franklin Electric sits on a Board of Directors for a state association.

Franklin INNOVATION doesn’t just apply to products. It means finding new and better ways to approach whatever we do. This weekly blog is a good example, but also means a modern, fresh website, streamlined processes, and in the future, installing equipment that will automatically spread Hotline calls across three different locations.  

Finally, VALUE. As I said last week, all of it has to come together in a package that delivers the greatest value to your customer for his water system investment.

I’m sure you can think of many more Key Factors applications that don’t apply strictly to product; I’m pretty sure I could continue making a list well into next week if I didn’t have a deadline to meet. What really matters, though, letting these values guide you in everything you do. When you live and breathe them,  you’ll find that the product you sell suddenly becomes a package deal.

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