Your stimulus package

Last week, I highlighted one of several life-size signs that I saw at a recent trade show that underscored who the contractor “really is”. Its heading was, “I’m a can-do guy.” But, another one that I thought was especially good read:

I’m a source of economic growth

As a small business owner, I help build my community in many ways. I employ people whose wages put money back into the community. I buy trucks, equipment, and professional services like legal and accounting. My taxes fund essential federal, state, and local services. I support local causes and charities. I am pleased and proud to lend a hand.

My business makes the community stronger.

There were still more just like the above that read: “I’m an educator; I’m an environmentalist; I’m a home improvement specialist; I’m an educator; I’m an insurance provider.”

I think they nailed it. As a water systems professional, you do far more than drill wells and install pumps. You are every one of those people above. Don’t forget who you are, what you do, and how you fit into the big picture. You’re a valuable professional in more ways than one. Carry yourself that way.

One thought on “Your stimulus package

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