Be the expert

In last week’s post, Know your stuff, I talked about a massive research study that concluded that salespeople who know more sell more. This week, while attending the 2012 South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee in Virginia Beach, I had an impromptu meeting with the current NGWA President, John Pitz, which fed right into this.

John, who holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Notre Dame and owns and operates a water well construction and pump installation business in Batavia, Illinois, demonstrated one of the most complete and advanced submersible sizing programs I’ve seen. Over several months and many hours, he’s developed a laptop-based program called the NGWA Pump Sizer that goes beyond the usual inputs of GPM, pressure required, and depth to water. For example, you can also input the type of drop pipe used, amount of precharge in the tank, and desired run time between cut-in and cut-out. From these inputs and others, the NGWA Pump Sizer calculates sizing for everything in that submersible system. Not only pump size, but tank size, wire size, and a slew of other parameters such as the total weight of the system.

John is still putting the finishing touches on this, and he tells me it will be available soon on the NGWA website.

Beyond the technical aspects here, John sees the potential for this to be an important sales tool. I couldn’t agree more. This type of tool allows a contractor to show an end-user in concrete terms why you’re quoting a particular system. You just didn’t pull it out of the air or with a “that looks about right” mentality. You have designed a system based on the customer’s requirements. It radiates confidence to your customer that you know what you’re doing and that you are the right contractor for his water system requirements.

When pricing enters the picture, which it always does, such a tool such as the NGWA Pump Sizer also allows you to make sure the end-user can compare apples to apples. For example, are the pressure tanks the same size and quality? Has the drop cable been sized all the way back to the service entrance? Has future expansion been taken into account? With everything that can go into a submersible installation, especially a new one, it’s easy to forget that it’s truly a system with numerous components.

Down the road, you may be using the NGWA Pump Sizer. In any case, the better you can explain and show your customer why you’re quoting the water system you are, the better you’ll be positioned as an expert, someone who is trusted to provide reliable information and whom your customer will recommend to others. And we all know experts sell more.

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