Every team has an MVP

Once a year at Franklin Electric, we name our Most Valuable Player for Technical Service.

This year’s recipient is Charlie Utley, our P/HVAC Technical Specialist. High quality training is so important to Franklin Electric because it’s so important to our industry. As a manufacturer, we are only as good as the contractor who’s installing our product. The more professional and competent that contractor is, the better we are as an industry.

No one provides better training in our industry than Charlie. In 2011, Charlie held 68 separate training events. He was everywhere: from San Diego to Randolph, Massachusetts to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to everywhere in between. When it was all said and done in 2011, Charlie provided training to well over 600 contractors in our industry. Today, those contractors are positioned to do a better job because of Charlie’s skills and efforts. And by the way, he’s on pace to exceed that in 2012.

But in any endeavor, what makes a Most Valuable Player “the most valuable” are the intangibles. It goes beyond simple throughput. The really talented players just seem to know what to do—and they go do it, all the while making it look easy. They also have an infectious, optimistic attitude that permeates the entire organization. Anyone who has been to one of Charlie’s seminars knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Congratulations, Charlie, on being this year’s Most Valuable Player at Franklin Electric.

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