It’s good for more than getting sports scores

If you’re the proud owner of a smartphone, here’s a scenario of where that little device might come in handy.

You’re at a job site, it’s after hours, and there’s one piece of information you need to get the job done. Maybe it’s sizing a generator, maybe you need to verify drop cable sizing, or possibly determine the proper size for a circuit breaker. The problem is, you can’t find your AIM Manual. You left it back at the shop, at the last job site, whatever.

Use that smartphone to access the Franklin Electric AIM Manual. Your smartphone has a web browser and instead of using it to just check the latest sports scores, go to:

From there, click on Americas Water Systems, then on AIM Manual. A table of contents will appear. Click on whatever part of the AIM Manual you need. Once it loads, you’ll probably need to zoom in to make the information readable, but presto, there’s exactly that piece of info you needed to complete the job.

Is it as handy as having a hard copy of the AIM Manual in your hand? No, of course not. But in a pinch, don’t forget that the information you need may be right there on your belt.

P.S. Once you pull up the AIM Manual, bookmark it! Next time you can go directly to it. Click here for a SHORTCUT.

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