Giving thanks

It’s that time of year, so though it may seem a little trite, I’m writing a thankful post. You see, I’ve learned a lot since I started this blog. I’ve learned how helpful it can be to make connections by sharing the things that I’ve seen and learned  in my water systems profession. But I’ve also learned how hard it can be to put those things into words and share them in a way that makes sense. I’ve learned how important it is to maintain a regular schedule, to be here when I say I will. Most of all, once again I’ve learned what a great industry we have and how much I enjoy being part of it.

I relish hearing your feedback and exchanging ideas. It makes me proud to be part of something as fundamental as providing good, clean water to people who need it–which, by the way, is pretty much everyone. And frankly, the best part of this industry is the people. I love the people who cross my path. They–YOU–teach me things every day.

So to all of you, the readers who follow this blog, I offer a hearty thank you. You hold me accountable; you keep me engaged. You remind me why I’m here in the first place.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Now, whom do YOU need to thank?

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