Your NFL Draft

photo (3)Over the last several weeks, I’ve been training and mentoring a new Field Service Engineer at Franklin Electric. The recruiting process leading up to his hiring was lengthy and tedious at times, taking several months. But especially now, I know we got the right individual.
Finding and hiring the right people is one of the most critical things you will ever do as a manager or business owner. It’s your NFL Draft. The success of your team for years to come will be determined by the decisions you make in this area, and they should take lots of time and thought and discussion.

But after you do hire someone, that’s when the real work begins. In my case, although I had a very capable person who was not new to the role of field service, he was new to our industry, Franklin Electric, our products, our customers, and our products. That is, not new to the game, but new to the team and the league. Over the last few weeks, getting him up to speed on the myriad of things required has taken lots of time and resources. Time and resources that have taken away from other pressing tasks and objectives I could have been working on.

But I maintain there’s no better investment you will ever make than spending as much time as you can with a new employee. It’s a huge opportunity to get him or her started off on the right foot. Squander that opportunity, and you will need to spend all that much more time down the road making corrections.

As a Field Service Engineer at Franklin Electric, there’s a lot to know and we’re just getting started with our newest one in this case. So even though the last few weeks have taken away from other things, I know the team is going to be better for it.

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