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I’m Mark Reeder. Hard to believe, but I’ve been with Franklin Electric since 1995, first in product management, then a brief stint in sales, then got the best job in the company and probably the industry when I became Director of Field Marketing. This means I work with our amazingly competent cadre of Franklin people both in the field and inside the walls of the company.

What makes the water systems industry so interesting is that it’s such a blend of mechanical and electrical technology (things that move and things that spark) that intersects to provide the most basic of human needs. Within that, in technical marketing you get to truly see and understand how the technology is being used and the challenges of using it in the real world.

This weekly blog is directed at the professional water systems contractor, and although I work for Franklin Electric, the views expressed here are my own. Hopefully you’ll find my posts interesting, but more importantly, relevant and useful. Since our entire industry is only as good as the people doing the work, everything we can do to make you even better helps you, your customers, the distribution channel, Franklin Electric, and the entire industry. This blog is a small effort to keep things moving in that direction.

6 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I just found your site by accident so I thought I’d jump in. I’m just a householder and have no professional background and some aspect of this topic have left me confused. Many sites explain that a 12/3 household cable can carry 20 amps but sometimes its not clear whether a 12 gauge wire refers to a single wire or to 3 wires contained within a cable.It is often not clear to me whether the site is talking about 12/3 or a single 12 gauge wire. If 12/3 can carry 20 amps how much can a single 12 gauge wire carry and where can I find this info. I’m trying to wire some solar panels but the sites I visit don’t make it clear whether they are talking about a single 10 gauge wire or 10/3 . If the amperage capacity is different seems important to me to make clear.Thanks for any help you can give me.

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