Set yourself apart

There’s a lot of talk in our industry about becoming certified, and there are lots of different options: state certifications, sales certifications, industry certifications, even company certifications. While some of these may be necessary for doing business in a particular area, most are optional. With all you’ve got to juggle in your business, why bother with all this certification ballyhoo? Can it really make a difference?

I think it can. 

As a groundwater contractor, you do work that most people don’t think about. The general public doesn’t have an understanding of what you do from day to day, or what makes you good at it. In fact, most people probably don’t care until they’re out of water and need a service call. At that point, they probably head to the Yellow Pages and start dialing.

If you’ve got certification credentials, advertise them. Put them in your Yellow Pages listing. Have them printed on your business cards. Emblazon them on your service vehicles. Why? Because they make you different from everyone else; they help you stand out among your competitors. If the general public doesn’t know much about the water systems business, any additional information you give them to help make a decision about whom to call will be much appreciated. Continue reading