Inspiring confidence

Here’s a great way to build your professional reputation by inspiring confidence in your work among your customers. For each and every installation, whether it’s a new one or a service call, complete a Franklin Electric 2207 Form – Submersible Motor Installation Record. Then, hand your customer a copy of it with your business card attached.

A completed 2207 contains all the details of a submersible installation. In an instant, you’ve demonstrated that you haven’t just replaced or installed something, but that you’ve taken the time to analyze and understand his water system needs and which products are best suited for it. Granted, your customer may not understand everything on the form, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that it conveys your competence and professionalism. Besides, you can always take the time to explain it more, further highlighting your expertise.

There are other benefits to a completed 2207, as well. On some Franklin products, if a warranty is later required, Franklin Electric will ask for a copy of the installation’s 2207. But even if a warranty isn’t ever involved, you still have a permanent record of that installation’s specifics. So, if the customer calls with an issue 5 years later, you already know most of the details. Now you can focus on what changed in the installation.

There’s a 2207 in every Franklin Electric AIM Manual. It’s near the middle, and it’s perfectly okay to make and use as many copies of that as you need. For an electronic copy, go to the Franklin website, where you can download a PDF version. That PDF is “interactive”. That is, you can either print out a blank copy or actually complete the 2207 on your  computer. Continue reading